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App Layering supports the following versions of Kaspersky anti-virus software: Encryption with Kaspersky 10.2 is not supported.

Kaspersky 10.2 Encryption uses a form of disk virtualization that bypasses App Layering virtualization, and as such is incompatible with App Layering.

To install the software on a gold image Install the Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise software on the gold image: a. This issue has no affect on the ability of the anti-virus software to check the video files for viruses.

When prompted to remove Windows Defender, click Yes. Allow the Mc Afee Agent Updater to complete the update. If you cannot see desktops in the Mc Afee layer in e Policy Orchestrator, fix the issue by using the steps in the following Mc Affee knowledge base article: How to reset the Mc Afee Agent GUID if computers are not displayed in the e Policy Orchestrator directory.

Users of these computers don’t need to do anything else.

The Packaging Machine becomes visible in the e PO System Tree list and the Mc Afee icon appears in the taskbar of the Packaging Machine.You can deploy some of the most commonly used anti-virus products in an App Layering environment.The products include versions of Symantec, Mc Afee, Trend Micro, Sophos, Kaspersky, and AVG.Before you deploy Kaspersky 10.2, disable the encryption options.The Kaspersky Net Agent might not start when users log on to the desktop for the first time.

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See the Kaspersky documentation for more instructions about installing the software in a VDI environment.

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