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I have been a fan of NFL since I was in junior high.I’m done with the NFL and with Papa John’s, and whoever else chooses to disrespect the sacrifices of the very small percentage of Americans who truly serve and protect this nation.I was inspired by John’s story and his mom after hearing it was heartwarming and I can tell he really does care about people.The quality of service needs better improved not only for the customers but also for the employees.Reply My father was military, my husband was military, our son is military and our grandson is military.Your decision to apologize to the NFL disgusts me and my proud military family.Want to know more then correspond with me through email. The total amount was .60, and then I wrote a .00 tip. Something needs to be done immediately about the sexual harassment and misconduct going on and ignored.on my first day I experienced a hostile work environment and an unsanitary restaurant. I previously reported as well, but nothing has been done. The tip wasn’t charged, but .60 has not yet been received. The manager continually touches the employees inappropriately, who file complaints and give statements and are either the DO “well I can transfer you” or does nothing at all The manager gives her password to employees to use so SHE doesn’t have to deal with work.

I do not watch football any longer and I will not visit your restaurants.

Charge a few more cents stupid, I’ll pay it and your sales will increase. After 1 hour waiting for my pizza the guy says to me well yes you are f-ed with your order hunged up more than 3 times I cannot even imagine who is running this place in miami lakes how disgusting. I steer clear of their big semi trucks and have crossed them off as my place to get pizza. Reply You have the right to join the NFL players in protest of our National Anthem.

Now with the NFL stupid comments I will never buy another poppa john’s pizza as long as Schnatter is a stockholder! Reply I for one will never buy another product of any kind that Papa John’s is associated with. Your decision to force John to step down is going to go down as one of the worst business decisions of all time. Regardless of what is stated, the action is a protest against the United States of America.

On 10/24/2017, I ordered a pizza from Papa Johns was around pm. I made the phone call on 10/27/2017, and the girl who picked up the phone said Dillan is not in, and will be in tomorrow at pm. Kindly refund my .60 or else this matter will be further escalate to Better Business Bureau because I never had the pizza. She tells employees to get money out of the safe to set up the drivers .then, when an employee misuses her password and is fired, she tells the DO they quit..90% of the long time employees have transferred or left because they got tired of the lewd remarks made to them and the managers girlfriend (who is the shift runner) Those that are left have to put up with snide remarks made by the manager,because,apparently she was told who made the original complaint.

The location address: 18413 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032. I called them, and only message I got that driver is on his way. Next day 10/28/2017 around pm, I called and asked to speak to Dillan, and was told that Dillan is not at this store. The manager uses outdated dough and toppings ..employees have actually had to refuse to use it on the pizza…I could go on but I won’t in this email…I want to know someone is listening…I find it hard to believe the DO actually reports all of this (she says she does) and her boss is ignoring it all.

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