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Ok, so here's where I technically - if those attempts the weeks prior to Britt disappearing have nagged for two years, shouldnt it have nagged someone in LE tasked with checking out RSO and following up on THAT incident... I just checked in and it looks like some new developments are happening. I think they just didn't have much to go on considering there was no crime scene or concrete suspects.

I guess what I am saying is how could LE not have seen a possible connection there and while hopefully scouring the RSO database for Horry/Georgetown/Charleston Counties, NOT have had this guy ping their radar, since you know it seems apparent he has been registered in G'town since 2004, and NOT have said "gee, that guy looks a little like our composite from Captain's Quarters/Hotel Blue attacks"...maybe "oh, look, he lives very close to Brittanee Drexel's last cell ping." I mean, this isnt a guy who made a dumb 18 year old mistake by having consensual sex with his 16 year old girlfriend that landed him on RSO.

And that's a lot of wallpaper removed from the bathroom, especially behind the sink area. Brittanee Drexel It seems all 5 of them have some serious movements/developments happening now... (i SOO miss the forensic astrology forum) goodgirl, I miss the FA forum too The cases you mentioned are developing as we speak.

Saying Hello to all in new thread (And it now shows up on my "subscribed threads") What a filthy looking place to live ... I wonder if there is something cosmically to explain that? I forgot Maura Murray...there is alot of stirring going on there too... I wish I knew where else to go to find the astrological aspect.

I know these things take time:/ MOO wm Thanks for the new thread and the above links She.

They did show the inside of the room though and said they took the refrig and a piece of wallpaper. Shows photos from inside the room after police search.Does the Luminol 'enhance' with the presence of blood?Yellow crime scene tape surrounded apartment 22 in the Sunset Lodge apartments in Georgetown County as the search continued throughout the day Monday for missing teenager Brittanee Drexel.More: Thanks for the new thread and the above links She.

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He's reportedly a sex offender who was convicted of raping a child in California in 1983.

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