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His girlfriend, law student Mira Rojkan, has been charged over sharing pro-Kurdish material online showing a separatist flag, Kurdish songs and fighters.

She was released on bail after six days but has been banned from leaving Turkey and is awaiting a court hearing. They arrested us on the beach while we were vacationing with my mother.” The couple, originally from Leeds, are among several foreign nationals including journalists who have been charged with terror offences over alleged Kurdish links by Turkey.

The Leuchars-based soldier admitted contacting the boy through the Fab Guys dating site before meeting him for sex days later, reports the Scottish Sun.

Gemmell, of Beechgrove Place, Perth, admitted sending sexual communication to the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, between 24 August last year and 24 January.

Mr Sertkaya told his client was being kept in a high security prison cell for 23 hours a day and having his phone calls monitored by authorities.

Alexander Gemmell met the 14-year-old child in the grounds of a derelict hospital building despite knowing he was under age.

He lured the boy to a waste ground for a secret sex session during a festive visit home to see him family.

“To do anything other than provide effective and immediate support to a man who is a British citizen, a veteran and a hero, is to show a deep disregard for your veteran forces, and to ally yourselves with an oppressive state.” Mr Robinson, originally from Accrington in Lancashire, served with the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment in Afghanistan in 2012 and said he decided to join the fight against Isis after a militant killed 39 British tourists on a Tunisian beach in June 2015.

After returning to the UK in November that year he was arrested on suspicion of terror offences at Manchester Airport but released from bail 10 months later.

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the arrest as “awful”, adding: “They said someone had sent them an email saying we were terrorists about to do something in Turkey. The YPG is a major part of a coalition being armed and supported by the US-led coalition to drive Isis out of its de-facto capital of Raqqa, but Turkey has designated it a terror organisation because of its separatist ambitions.

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